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Grant Jeffery - Shadow Government
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Grant Jeffery - Shadow Government movie clip
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Grant R. Jeffrey    Books     Videos     DVDs

Grant R. Jeffrey End-Times & Prophesy Products     View / Buy

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Authors & Teachers Products

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Christian Movies & Films Category
Contains many End Times & Prophesy selections

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'Countdown To The Apocalypse'

View / Buy

'Surveillance Society'

View / Buy

'Signature Of God'

View / Buy

'Creation Remarkable Evidence
of God's Design'

View / Buy

'Prince Of Darkness 38 Prophecies
Announce Christ's Return'

View / Buy

'Journey Into Eternity' Book

View / Buy

'War On Terror'
Book &

View / Buy

'Apocalypse: An Extraordinary
Study of Revelation'

View / Buy

'Triumphant Return'

View / Buy

Profile - Grant Jeffrey

Grant R. Jeffrey well known in the field of Bible prophecy is a powerful speaker, a tireless researcher, and a prolific author and producer of audios and videos.

Grant burst onto the prophetic scene with the 1988 release of his book Armageddon: Appointment with destiny. The book sold over 500,000 copies. The Lord has greatly blessed Grant with an incredible grasp of world events and the prophetic word. A colleague of Grant relates, "I've heard Grant speak at a number of prophecy conferences and in many of the question and answer sessions, he dominated the field by the shear force of his God-given wisdom. I occasionally hear speakers misquoting current events or general statistics, but I rarely ever hear Grant stumble. Another noteworthy thing about Grant is that he doesn't try to be a Mr. Know-it-all. The world is full of men that seem to have an answer to all questions asked of them. If Grant has valid information, he'll relate it to his audience. If He doesn't know about a subject, he tends to refrain from speculation."

His 1996 work, The Signature of God, is the most fascinating and important book that Grant has written. This book will startle and thrill with its well-documented scientific evidence that will prove that the Bible is the inspired Word of God beyond a shadow of a doubt. Grant argues that God has indeed written His Signature on the pages of the Scriptures through a staggering number of divine proofs that its words are inspired and authoritative.

His books reveal the inner workings of the surveillance society we live in and research into the mysterious bible codes.

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Teaching - How to be Born Again and Dynamic Interactive Presentation - Are you a Good Person ?? Teaching - What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and How to Receive Comments, Problems?

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