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Profile - Len Mink

Len Mink began his television career in 1969 with his own weekly prime time television production,
The Len Mink Show. The program originated from WCPO TV (Channel 9) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was
produced by the Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Corporation. This syndicated musical
variety show scored highly in the ratings for over two years.

Len also co-hosted The Nick Clooney Show for five years (one of Cincinnati's top daytime talk shows).
He was featured in thirty-two pops concerts with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
and made appearances on such well-known network programs as:

Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
The Mike Douglas Show
The Merv Griffin Show
The Steve Allen Show...
and many more.

Despite his successful career in the entertainment field, Len felt there was yet an area deep within him that
show business was unable to fulfill. In October, 1971, Len Mink began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
that filled that void and plunged him into a new life of genuine excitement and peace.
Shortly after that, Len was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease and given only a few years to live.
God miraculously healed him and he was given a clean bill of health by his doctors.

Since that time, Len and his wife Cathy have been involved in full-time evangelistic ministry, sharing
the power of Jesus Christ through the Word and song.
Cathy's background was in professional modeling before her conversion.

Len is a talented song writer and records Christian music for both adults and children. He has appeared on several
Christian television productions: Trinity Broadcasting, The 700 Club, Good News, The Kathryn Kuhlman Show,
Help Line, Turning Point, 100 Huntley Street, The Believer's Voice of Victory ... and many more.

Len has a powerful outreach to children through his "Gospel Duck" children series.
He also works with Kenneth Copeland, leading worship in his U.S. and overseas crusades.

Teaching - How to be Born Again and Dynamic Interactive Presentation - Are you a Good Person ?? Teaching - What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and How to Receive Comments, Problems?

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