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Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
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  Christiano DVDs are Region 1, 2 & 3 compatible.
Preview Trailer is Available TIME CHANGER
The year is 1890, bible Professor Russell Carlisle has written a manuscript, "The Changing Times". His book is about to receive a unanimous endorsement from members of the Grace Bible Seminary...until Dr. Norris Anderson (Gavin MacLeod) raises an issue over a "difficulty" a belief that what Carlisle has written could seriously affect the future of coming generations. Using a secret time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle more than 100 years into the future; offering him a glimpse of where his writing will lead...
 (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
The Pretender, Crime of the Age, The Daylight Zone.
 (DVD)  (VHS)
Preview Trailer is Available APPOINTMENT, THE
Liz Watson..., I have a message for you, it's from the LORD..., In eight days on september 19th at 6:05 pm..., YOU ARE GOING TO DIE...  (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
An atheist on his way home from work meets some Christians and argues with them about the existence of Jesus. Continuing his journey, he is forced to take a detour on a dirt road where he then starts meeting people on their way to the crucifixion of Jesus. But he's going home!...
Preview Trailer is Available END OF THE HARVEST
If you ever had the opportunity to attend a secular college, you may have had your faith tested numerous times in class – and you probably wish you were more prepared, as you later dreamed of the perfect comeback. END OF THE HARVEST is movie that deals with a similar scenario...
 (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available LATE ONE NIGHT
Three factory workers make their routine stop at a diner late one night. Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter. One of the workers, an antagonist named Larry, tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn't respond. Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian. What follows is an intense drama about the most important issue in life...and eternity...
 (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available PRETENDER, THE
How does a worldly high school guy start dating an unsuspecting Christian girl? He becomes...The Pretender. This humorous film shows how simple it is for anyone to fake being a Christian and gives two key principles for dating. You'll also see true commitment to Christ, the importance of discipleship, and determination to witness!...
 (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available SECOND GLANCE
Dan Burgess is a teen Christian. Frustrated by all he is "missing," he wishes he never was a Christian. He gets his wish...  (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
    CLOUD TEN PICTURES     Cloud Ten Pictures    Back to Top
  Cloud Ten DVDs are All Region 1 only unless stated otherwise.
Preview Trailer is Available LEFT BEHIND - THE MOVIE (Part 1 of the 3 part series)
In one chaotic moment, millions of people around the world suddenly disappear leaving their clothes, wedding rings, eye glasses and shoes in crumpled piles. Mass confusion hits while vehicles suddenly unmanned veer out of control, fires erupt and hysteria breaks out as the living stare in disbelief and fear at the empty places where their loved ones were just seconds before. This is the rapture that God has planned as the first sign to begin the unraveling of the end of time and introduces you to a small band of new believers who are swept into the events that must take place...from the international best selling novel
 (DVD Region 1)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!


Preview Trailer is Available LEFT BEHIND II - TRIBULATION FORCE (Part 2 of the 3 part series)
The much awaited sequel to Left Behind the Movie!
After being left behind when the Rapture of the Church occcurs, Rayford Steele and Cameron ("Buck") Williams find themselves pressed into service for the man they believe could be the Antichrist.
This sequel begins two weeks after the first story concluded. Nicholae Carpathia takes over the United Nations, signs a peace treaty with Israel, and begins to lure the nations of earth together to form one global village.
Meanwhile, the judgment of God begins to fall on the earth...
 (DVD Region 1)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

Preview Trailer is Available LEFT BEHIND WORLD AT WAR (Part 3 of the 3 part series)
The much awaited sequel to Tribulation Force!
The Anti-Christ is in power, he plans an attack on America. The same cast and crew bring you the 3rd in the Series...
 (DVD Region 1)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

  Left Behind Movies in Special Sets  (DVD & VHS)

  APOCALYPSE COMPLETE SET (Movies #1,2,3,4)  (DVD)

Preview Trailer is Available APOCALYPSE (Movie #1 in Apocalypse Series)
is unlike any Christian movie ever made. For the first time, the prophesied last days are vividly brought to life in this exciting and dramatic full-length motion picture epic.
Army after army descends into the Valley of Armageddon in central Israel. Millions of people suddenly vanish. It's a media event unlike any other in history, and the entire world is glued to their television sets. At that very moment, a great charismatic leader arises and performs a miracle of astounding dimensions. Is he the long-awaited Messiah? The whole world seems to be convinced he is...
 (VHS)  (DVD)  Preview Trailer!

Preview Trailer is Available REVELATION - The Book Has Been Opened! (Movie #2 in Apocalypse Series)
It's the Great Tribulation for those left behind!
In this stunning sequel to APOCALYPSE, three months have passed. Counter-terroism expert Thorold Stone (Jeff Fahey) is still trying to put the pieces together. His wife and daughter were among those who vanished. Why? How?
In the course of his investigation of an underground resistance movement, Steve discovers a conspiracy that leads right to the heart of the new global order. Would a true Messiah (Nick Mancuso) lie? And if he is not the true Messiah...
 (DVD)  (VHS)     Preview Trailer! Fairly large file - give it time to load.

Preview Trailer is Available TRIBULATION (Movie #3 in Apocalypse Series)
Gary Busey, Margot Kidder and Howie Mandel star in TRIBULATION, the third in the Apocalypse Trilogy.
Police detective Tom Canboro (Busey) awakens from a coma only to discover that he is living in the time of the Great Tribulation. The Rapture has occurred and the world has changed dramatically.
The Mark of the Beast is everywhere and those who have not accepted it are ruthlessly hunted down. The most hunted are Christian believers who are exposing the self-proclaimed Messiah as the Anti-Christ himself. Will Tom join the forces against the Anti-Christ or join them...
 (DVD)  Preview Trailer!

Preview Trailer is Available JUDGMENT (Movie #4 in Apocalypse Series)
It is the imminent future. The world follows one government and one man. It is a world of peace, yet some still fight the authorities.
To crush the dissent, Earth's ruler arranges a trial of unprecedented proportion. A trial in the world court to be televised to a global audience. A trial that would see Helen Hannah, a Christian and a champion of the resistance, convicted and executed for hatred of the human race.
Everything is prepared and only humiliation and await the accused. There is only one small problem - Mitch Kendrick, the defense attorney, has been tricked into representing Hannah, and now hunts for any way out...
 (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

Preview Trailer is Available THE CROSSING
Jason Reynolds must provide his teacher with an answer to this query in order to pass speech class. But as Jason watches his best friend's life-and-death battle against leukemia, the question becomes much more than a school assignment. This award-winning movie is a perfect choice for teen outreach and evangelism...
 (DVD - All Region)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available INVISIBLE ENEMIES
One of the highest quality Christian films ever produced, this spiritual warfare thriller follows a young man who finds a pair of glasses which allows him to see the demonic world...
 (DVD - All Region)    (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

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  DRC DVDs are Region 1, 2 & 3 compatible
Preview Trailer is Available ESCAPE FROM HELL
Is about young Dr. Eric Robinson, who becomes obsessed with the idea of an afterlife that leads all people to heaven...  (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available FINAL EXIT
Is considered one of the most effective evangelistic films of the decade as it has helped over 10,000 people dedicate their lives to Christ after viewing this hard-hitting drama. The story revolves around four individuals that are being escorted to judgment by two angels. Who will go to heaven? Who will go to hell?...  (DVD Region 1)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available THE GATHERING
Is a powerful portrayal of Christ's return and the coming tribulation...  (DVD Region 1)  Preview Trailer!

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  Epiphany DVDs are Region 1 compatible
Preview Trailer is Available JOSHUA, THE MOVIE
Based on Joseph Girzone's best-selling novel, this thought-provoking film asks, "What if Jesus visited small-town America today?"
We all knew he was different. And we all knew he was somehow special. But none of us knew how much trouble we were in. And how much we would end up needing him..."
 (DVD)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

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  Kevin Downes See Film for Region compatibility
A powerful ground-breaking evangelistic film, its compelling delivery and heart-pounding action make it a must see for young and old alike.  (DVD Region 1)  (VHS)
Preview Trailer is Available THE MOMENT AFTER Part 1 & 2
This excellent production explores what life would be like during the first days after the rapture...  (DVD All Region)  (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

Preview Trailer is Available below SIX - THE MARK UNLEASHED
In the days before Armageddon a brutal dictator's only true ally is deceit. For the strong freedom is a fond memory and defiance means death. Now, three political prisoners must avoid the executioner's blade by choosing the Mark or risk a deadly escape to give humanity a fighting chance to survive...
   (DVD All Region)     (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

    RUSS DOUGHTEN FILMS    Back to Top
  Russ Doughten Films DVDs are Region 1, 2 & 3 compatible.
  A THIEF IN THE NIGHT (Movie #1 in Prophesy Series)
Chilling prophecies come to life in this acclaimed thriller.
Patty is a modern young woman living for the moment with little concern for the future. Until she awakens one morning to find her husband and millions of other people have mysteriously vanished.
Dramatic, entertaining and informative. A classic End Times movie.
 (DVD)  (VHS)
  DISTANT THUNDER (Movie #2 in Prophesy Series)
This second film in the series begun by A Thief in the Night finds Patty living as a fugitive from the ever increasing evil of the "end times". Relentlessly pursued and finally captured by UNITE forces, she is given a choice--receive "the mark" or die.
 (DVD)  (VHS)
  IMAGE OF THE BEAST (Movie #3 in Prophesy Series)
Part Three of the famous prophecy series, Image of the Beast explodes with action and suspense.
A small band of fugitives struggles to survive amid the awesome, spectacular and terrifying events of the "Great Tribulation".
Part three of the 4 part series. The story continues into the Trumpet Judgments, featuring the victory of believing in Jesus and the effects of spiritual blindness.
 (DVD)  (VHS)
  PRODIGAL PLANET (Movie #4 in Prophesy Series)
The Fourth Chapter in the prophecy saga, The Prodigal Planet depicts the harsh realities of the apocalypse. In a world devastated by nuclear holocaust, a small underground resistance network battles the terrifying empire of the antichrist, trying to hold out till the coming of the Lord...
 (DVD)  (VHS)

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  TBN DVDs are All Region compatible.
Preview Trailer is Available MEGIDDO - OMEGA CODE II
The sequel (2nd part) to the Omega Code. This action-drama from TBN Productions is based upon biblical prophesies as portrayed in the book of Revelation including the final battle of the Anti-Christ against God and includes extra-biblical scenarios for dramatic effect.
 (DVD)  Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available OMEGA CODE - 2000
The story begins with the rise of Stone Alexander from European President to his desire to rule the world! What is, or should we say who is, the mysterious power behind Stone‘s phenomenal rise to world domination?...
 (DVD)  Preview Trailer!
Omega Code and Megiddo packaged together...
See KEVIN DOWNES above for preview trailer
 (DVD)  (VHS)

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A powerful wake-up call for churches, this dramatic video recounts pastor Robert Ingstrom's battle to save his church from spiritual apathy and death. It will open your eyes to the sweeping changes in America that have transformed our freedom of religion into freedom from religion...
Preview Trailer is Available EARLY WARNING
An interesting end times film with some good insight that is very relevant to today. A newspaper man learns the truth about what is happening in the world and what is coming in the very near future. A feature length film and very good production. Evangelistic!...
 (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
This video considers the prophecies foretelling the end of human history as we know it delivered from the lips of history's most credible authority - Jesus Christ..
  M10.28 - THE MOVIE
is about the invisible struggle between right and wrong. It is a story of the physical death awaiting everyone and the certainty of the two resurrections on the other side: one a resurrection into life, the other into unspeakable horrors. Each is eternal, each the result of choices made while on earth...
(DVD Region 1)  (VHS)
Preview Trailer is Available YEARS OF THE BEAST
Experience a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbor is your enemy and oppression reigns. Watch the ultimate forces of Satan and God prepare for the final battle...
 (VHS)  Preview Trailer!

Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
Christian Films - End Times and Prophesy
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