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          Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs


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Rev. Will Douglas has a dream---to save a rundown inner-city church from demolition and make it a vital part of the community. Discover what happens when an African-American minister and his family leave their quiet life in the rural South for sprawling Los Angeles in pursuit of God's will! An inspiring video...
A gripping adventure story of family love and devotion, heroism and sacrifice. Young Sam Isaac risks his life to rescue his sister who has been captured by Indians. When a grizzly trapper befriends him, Sam is able to face the ultimate test of courage in the Wild West...
Watch as a young couple whose self-interests and self-righteousness come between them, their children, and their faith! When, faced with a dissolving marriage, see what happens as they begin to apply scriptural principles to their relationship and discover how Christ can bring healings to their family...
This video is a dark comedy from the writer of Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Paul Muni plays a murdered criminal who makes a deal with the Devil (Rains) in hopes of eternal leniency...
A pastor faces a very difficult situation in his church and gets some wise counsel and help from an "angel". This dramatic movie presents a good message on the importance of dealing with church discipline...
This outstanding drama includes a study guide and a closing comment from renowned singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. It is a valuable discussion starter, highly recommended for youth, parents and teachers. Steven Curtis Chapman "This series addresses the heart of the issue, helping to equip students, parents and teachers with faith-based tools to be the agents of hope and transformation in their schools and in their world."...
Preview Trailer is Available    A VOW TO CHERISH
They've vowed to love each other forever---"in sickness and in health." But when John's wife, Ellen, receives a devastating medical diagnosis, can their family weather the storm? Called "a must-see for all couples," this triumphant love story is a life-changing testimony to the power of God. Stars Barbara Babcock and Ken Howard. Special appearance by Billy Graham...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    (VHS SPANISH)    Preview Trailer!
From the best selling novel
Each spring in the little port town of Beaufort, North Carolina, Landon Carter remembers his senior year at Beaufort High and Jamie Sullivan, the girl who changed his life. Serious and conservative, Jamie (Moore) was as far from cool as she could possibly be, and didn't care. Landon (West) hung with the in-crowd an aimless, moody, reckless guy who breezed through school on looks and bravado and had no plans, no future and no faith in himself. When a prank goes terribly wrong landing a kid in the hospital, Landon is assigned to tutor a young student on the weekends and participate in the Drama Club's spring play. Clearly in over his head with both assignments, Landon is forced to ask Jamie for help. Soon Landon finds himself falling in love with this outwardly plain girl who possesses a passion for life he never imagined possible.  (DVD)    (VHS)
A young chinese girl begins seeking the Lord and learns the truth about what is going on in her own country and what happened within her own family. This film shows the persecution of Christians in China that is happening even today, and although well crafted, is not easy to watch. This film shows the cost of following Christ is life...
 (VHS)   (DVD)
Three life-long friends, Jux (Mike Norris), Conrad (David White), and Oren (Carey Scott) journey to Mexico on a mission of mercy. Their plane mysteriously loses power and crashes in the middle of the Texas desert, they must become pawns in a chess game played between Heaven and Hell facing evil itself in order to save the innocent. ...
Exciting action leads to a desperate climax, when a dangerous convict escapes from prison, bent on revenge. As an innocent man dies to save his guilty partner, Christ's substitutionary death for us is forcefully illustrated. This action packed motion picture has proven to open resistant hearts to the Gospel!...
A true story of love, courage, and sacrifice. What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. The Nazis hanged him on April 9, 1945, less than a month before the end of the war...
The story of a Christian artist who reaches out with the Gospel to a group of teenagers caught vandalizing his studio. Brother Enemy is a story of renewed lives through conflicts and opportunities...
Preview Trailer is Available     CAUGHT
Raw, thrilling award-winner! A young American named Tim Devon searches for an unknown father gets caught up in the raw underbelly of Amsterdam. An unwanted friend becomes Tim's only hope for survival...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     CHAMPION, THE
His strength made him a boxer. His faith made him a champion! He agrees to risk his life for one last fight. This film contains the message of redemption...
 (DVD-Widescreen-ALL REGION)    (VHS)
  Select your connection type to preview trailer: 56 ISDN DSL
The true story of Sung Neng Yee, now known as Nora Lam, who escaped from Communist China to Hong Kong some thirty years ago and now lives in the United States. Her childhood faith became real as she suffered under Communist persecution...
John Bunyan's immortal classic is completed with "Christiana," Part 2 of the world-famous book, "Pilgrim's Progress."...
Preview Trailer is Available     CLIMB, THE
Adventure with altitude! Two solo climbers forge an uneasy alliance, one a Christian and the other an atheist for a chance to summit the dangerous Mt. Chicanagua. This winner of the Best Picture award at the International Family Film Festival stars Jason George, Ned Vaughn and Dabney Coleman.  (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Abandoned suddenly by his father, Ben and his family set out for Los Angeles to look for him - with only a shred of hope and one small clue. But their search proves fruitless and the Gibsons are forced to find shelter in the streets. This powerful, dramatic film shows the desperation of homelessness and is sure to tug at the heartstrings of each viewer and urge the "acting out" of one’s faith in a hurting world...
Godspell with a delightful Southern drawl---that's Cotton Patch Gospel! This award-winning, rousing musical drama takes the Gospels of Matthew and John and translates them into present-day Southern vernacular. What fun! Features music by Harry Chapin...
Preview Trailer is Available CRY FROM THE MOUNTAIN
Larry Sanders takes his 10-year-old son, Cal, kayaking in Alaska to enjoy the great outdoors---and to break the news that he and Cal's mother are planning to divorce. But wilderness events Larry cannot control soon change their lives far more than he anticipated...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     EARLY WARNING
A young Christian woman and a non-believing reporter are plunged into a death-defying adventure as the end-times happenings predicted in God's Word unfold. This dramatic film offers you a firsthand glimpse into the incredible events descibed in Scripture---events that may already be taking place today...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
"The Elephant" features six short films by upcoming filmmakers and twins Nick and Chris Staron. These shorts range from comedy to serious thought-provoking drama. The are discussion starters covering topics such as salvation, the second coming, tolerance, absolute truth, and Christ as the solid rock. Films Include: "Sauce", "Prodigal", "Foundations", "The Elephant", "It's A Banana" and "In the Night" They are well done.
Preview Trailer is Available     EYE OF THE STORM
Television reporter Tom Edwards has just returned from his coverage of Operation Desert Storm to face the storms of his own at home. In the wake of his wife's recent death, Tom immerses himself in his work, leaving his teenage daughter neglected and hurt. Even their attempts to reach out to each other serve only to widen the gap between them...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
The ink is still wet on their college diplomas as four lifelong friends who share an irrepressible love for "extreme sports" blaze one more trail together, cruising down America's West Coast, before settling into adulthood. Your family will enjoy this riotous coming-of-age flick filled with rich friendships, Christian tunes, and thrilling adventure...
This is the true story of the blind woman Fanny Crosby, who helped the world see God's grace and goodness through the beauty of her music. Hymns such as Blessed Assurance, To God Be the Glory, Rescue the Perishing. Inspirational!...
Under some odd circumstances, the church janitor becomes the leader of an unruly youth group. His unconventional style gains the acceptance of the youth...even the hard to reach pastor's son. This film has a good conversion scene in it and a message to the Church about reaching out to everyone for Christ...
Jay Austin wants to sell you a used car, but watch out! Many victims have fallen prey to his smiling face and hasty promises. Austin does everything his way until his dishonesty and manupulation are exposed. Like many men, he becomes disgusted with the masks he wears and lies he tells. While having a classic convertible repaired, Austin begins a humorous and inspiring journey to win back the hearts of his wife, his son, and his community...
Five city gang members, forced to attend a Christian camp, change the life of a lukewarm Christian counselor...
Preview Trailer is Available     GOLD THROUGH THE FIRE
A Russian teen escapes his country due to religious persecution only to find the same in the USA...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     GUESS WHO'S COMING TO AMERICA
T.J. Crawford, a writer for a Christian magazine, had visited the deserts of Mali. There he met Mohamed, a devout Muslin, and the two forged a precarious friendship This time Crawford plans to be ready! The first time he met he didn't know enough about Islam then to convert his newfound friend. But now Mohamed's coming to America, and T.J.'s been studying Islam diligently only to learn that his own commitment to Christ desperately needs renewal!...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by the Nazis over 50 years ago, but the impact of his life lives on! Filmed on location and featuring rare footage, T.N. Mohan's gripping documentary gives you an intimate portrait of the life, convictions, and martyrdom of this renowned theologian. Bonhoeffer's courage and steadfast faith will challenge you to assess your commitment to Christ...
Best Selling Author, Frank Peretti's Spellbinding Tale Is A Whole New Thrill On Video. Following a series of strange, supernatural events, a family of investigators is summoned to a high school only to discover they cannot destroy what cannot be found. As students are claimed by a mysterious force, Nate and Sarah Springfield and their two teenage children race against time to discover the truth behind Hangman's Curse. Hangman's Curse is a true crossover, with tremendous secular and Christian teen following! ...
What happens when a Harvard graduate, with a promising future from a prominent family, decides to move into Harlem to help the homeless? This film, based on the life of Joseph Holland, New York State's Commissioner of Housing, chronicles the impact of one individual on the lives of homeless men. told through the lens of Joe's relationship with one homeless man, Harvey, the story teaches powerful lessons about trust, perseverance and the power of redemption...
An award-winning film praised by Josh McDowell: "You walk away feeling, 'I can make a difference!'" Witness the struggle of a North Dakota family suffering the loss of their father, and the blessing of their community rallying to help them harvest their farm without him. A modern-day parable based on a true story...
Meet the Mennonite and Amish people. Eric is an adamant fighter for human rights who discovers a way of life he never knew existed. While attending the funeral of his best friend, Eric meets a young Mennonite girl named Hazel. The Mennonites display an inner peace he can’t understand. As he works side by side with them, Eric comes to understand the source of their peace and finds a personal faith in Christ. Parental discretion advised (language)...
The Healing is a warm and powerful portrayal of the vital Biblical truth that no one is beyond the saving power of God! Dr. John Lucas, a promising young physician, slides into alcoholism following the tragic death of his wife. When he hits bottom, he finds himself surrounded by myriads of people in pain, sickness and spiritual distress. Will he reach out to help those in desperate need or remain a captive of his own pity party? Watch as God transforms him with the love and forgiveness of Christ...
An action-packed true story of the life of a Christian police officer and his family as they struggle to cope with danger and tension of his job...
Preview Trailer is Available     HIDING PLACE, THE
This is the gripping story of Corrie ten Boom and her family and their endurance and faithfulness through the horrors of the Holocaust including arrest and imprisonment in concentration camps. In the midst of cruelty and suffering, the ten Booms are reassured that God alone is the true "hiding place."...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
As a Christian in a tough public high school, Bobby Kingsley is an island of faith in a sea of misery---drug dealers, friends, and teachers resent his stand for Christ. Yet Bobby's faith remains firm despite the tests he faces. But the ultimate trial is still to come as Bobby learns the truth in his grandfather's final words, "The hardest part of holding on is letting go."...
Billy, a streetwise kid from New York City, is sent to Nebraska and is taken in by a Swedish farm family. Initially fearful and resentful, Billy doesn’t fit in, and he clashes with his new family and adoptive father (Frank Converse). Not until a terrible crisis occurs does Billy realize that, for the first time in his life, he truly belongs and is "home at last."
Preview Trailer is Available     HOMECOMING
Jordy Rembrandt is a big-city tough guy with an attitude and a history of bad decisions. When he's sent to a small-town high school to complete his senior year, he discovers "fitting in" takes on a whole new meaning...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Jerry B. Jenkins presents this inspirational, stand-up-on-the-bleachers-and-cheer story of a losing high school football team that gives a town that had lost faith something to believe in...
City girl Mary Thompson (Susan Hayward) doesn't know much about being a minister's wife when she comes to Georgia's hill country with her new husband (William Lundigan). Determined to learn, Mary stands by her husband's side, sharing good times and tragedy. But through it all, she discovers she's part of a special calling she wouldn't give up for anything...
The timeless message of this movie shows the few, Rachel Paige an aspiring young actress and Ed Norman, the publisher of a small newspaper who dared to answer that call with their lives by walking His steps....
A family is shattered when seven-year-old Jennifer disappears while she and her mother, Sharla, are shopping. As the days pass and police searches and her prayers lead to nothing. Sharla struggles over how a loving God could allow evil to happen to a child...this film raises questions of faith without offering simplistic answers...
Preview Trailer is Available     JONI
Joni Eareckson Tada was young, vital, just 17, when it happened: a diving accident snapped her neck and left her paralyzed. Though she couldn't make her broken body whole again, with God's help she could put the pieces of her life back together...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     JOSHUA, THE MOVIE
Based on Joseph Girzone's best-selling novel, this thought-provoking film asks, "What if Jesus visited small-town America today?"
We all knew he was different. And we all knew he was somehow special. But none of us knew how much trouble we were in. And how much we would end up needing him..."
 (DVD-REGION 1)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Three outcasts. One hostage. No breaks...Get ready for the ride of your life! A chance encounter with a preacher named Eddie (Kris Kristofferson) takes their lives in a new direction and leads them down a path spirited by hope...
One of the all time great films, this motion picture is about a college guy who wants to do big things for the Lord. Was God going to use him as a great preacher, a Christian TV talk show host, or a jungle traveling missionary? Or was the Lord calling him to reach out to a lonesome kid named Kevin?...
Gregory Peck stars as an aging priest who is about to be forced into retirement. He apparently accomplished little during his career. But flashbacks reveal that his goal of serving God without thought of personal gain or earthly reward had an enormous impact on those who knew him...
Stationed in the remote Colombian village of Alto Risco, medical missionary Ann Williams and her family are running out of time. News reports say guerilla fighters and drug runners are terrorizing villagers and enslaving workers. Ann's father asks for help from an old friend---Dan Hogan, a washed-up pilot and Ann's ex-boyfriend. Will his sketchy rescue mission succeed? Billy Graham Films latest release...
Grab your flight gear and join an emergency helicopter crew as they face life's challenges in the air and on the ground - living for Christ...
It was Marty Claridge's dream to build a new life on the frontier with her husband, but when the courageous pioneer woman is suddenly widowed, she's offered a new opportunity - to marry a widower in a marriage of convenience that leads to unexpected love. Corbin Bernsen (Actor) , Katherine Heigl (Actor) , Oliver Macready (Actor) Directed By: Michael Landon Jr.
 (DVD)    (VHS)
Preview Trailer is Available     LOVE NOTE
A very touching and excellent evangelistic love story film...
 (DVD)    (VHS)  Preview Trailer!
Award winning director David E. Talbert's passionate story of love, friendship and betrayal. She's a single mother looking for a husband. He's a con man looking for his next prey. Together they board an emotional rollercoaster that can only be derailed by a lowly plumber named Walter...
The story of a dreary man working a boring job and living a dull life. One day he finds a music box that changes his life. A classic film parable about the joy of finding Christ and then sharing your joy with others. A widely seen Christian movie with a good message for all...
A high schooler get saved at a camp and now must face his atheistic family and unsaved friend. When Tim becomes a Christian at a summer youth camp, he must now face the struggle of dealing with his atheistic parents, old friends and a luke warm youth group. An excellent film about faith, compassion and true commitment...
A powerful soul-winning film. Nite Song shows how the love of Christ triumphs when two inner-city teenagers put their faith into action to combat the evil drugs in thier neighborhood...
Greg and Kellie are well-adjusted teens who have much in common---college goals, happy home lives, and love of the Lord. But their one and only fall into temptation puts their budding love---and abiding faith---to the test. Can they find the courage and inner strength to do what's right? A film every teenager should experience!...
Now that Guy's a Christian, his life disintegrates before his very eyes. His fiancee thinks he's a fanatic, his long-awaited dream job goes up in smoke, and the inner-city ministry he started seems doomed to a violent end. An ordinary guy might crack up under the circumstances. But maybe Guy isn't so ordinary anymore. And maybe his commitment to Jesus Christ is enough to produce extraordinary results. This funny video was voted the 1981 Best Film of the Year by the Academy of Christian Cinemagraphic Arts...
Preview Trailer is Available     OUTSPOKEN
It's high time for Christian heroes. "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ." Romans 1:16. 4-part teen video cirriculum Music and sports superstars make some pretty bold role models. Here's some who are shouting truth....
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
The Word of God triumphs over evil in this old-west drama about two outlaw brothers who kidnap a blind preacher and his family. God's watchful concern is demonstrated as neither threats nor intimidation can deter the family from sharing their faith and the forgiveness found only in God's love...
This show has a great combination of humor and dramatic conflict, and the main characters are very strong and believable in their parts. We need more shows like this that make us laugh at ourselves and challenge us to rise above our circumstances. I would highly recommend this DVD, but beware: after watching this episode, you'll wish there were more! ...
“It’s the perfect blend of comedy and heart-warming drama,” said Robbins. Still trying to win over a skeptical congregation, recovered party animal Pastor Greg, gears up for his first Christmas sermon. As God would have it, his plans take an unexpected turn. Pastor Greg cashes-in on a shopping spree the day of his much-anticipated sermon. In a frenzy to get back in time, he unwittingly gets stuck in an elevator along with cohorts Lori, John, Frank and a pregnant woman. The surprise ending will have the congregation and viewing audiences at the edge of their seats.
The filmed version of John Bunyon's famous book. Journey with Pilgrim, as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages to a movie...
 (VHS)    (VHS-Spanish)
Preview Trailer is Available     POWER PLAY
With nicknames like "Ice Queen" & "The Terminator", Attorney Robbie Steele lives up to her win-at-all-costs, cutthroat reputation. Robbie's current challenge is getting the highest dollar possible for her client's sale of Vancouver's pro-hockey team. Her ace card is luring legendary brawler Cody Harris out of retirement to sign with the struggling team to attract fans with unexpected results!...
 (DVD - All Region)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     PRODIGAL, THE
No one knows when the Stuart family started drifting apart. Their "American dream" had become a nightmare of broken relationships...a conflict of differing goals...a separation of hearts and minds. And when twenty-one-year-old Greg returns home from his island hideaway, the conflicts within the family become even more obvious and painful...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     REPEAT PERFORMANCE
You can't outrun Forgiveness! Sean Purchase, a teen jazz prodigy, runs from the law and his troubled past. Will God reach him before he follows his suicidal father's footsteps?...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     RIDE, THE
Legendary rodeo star Smokey Banks (Michael Biehn) has been riding bulls all of his life. He's been to the top and now he's hit rock bottom after a run in with the law. Smokey's faced with two choices: jail or volunteering to teach a Christian boy named Danny (Brock Pierce) how to ride a bull...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    (VHS-Spanish)    Preview Trailer!
Preview Trailer is Available     ROAD TO REDEMPTION, THE
Take a seat next to Amanda. She's in trouble … big trouble. Back in Las Vegas, she and her boyfriend Alan "borrowed" money from her boss. Now Amanda finds herself $250,000 in debt and on the run from the Mob.
Amanda turns to her only hope: her dear old rich grandfather, Nathan Tucker. Good ol' Gramps should be a pushover, right? Wrong! It turns out that Grandpa is a witty, kind and compassionate man with savvy to spare. He's got a weak heart, but a strong faith in God, and he sees right through Amanda's plan....
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
The Morgans are a typical middle-class family . . . or are they? Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter seem happy and fulfilled to the outside world, but a dramatic look inside their home reveals a much different picture...
Wow! A true story that will amaze the whole family. Gripping true story about rebuilding a life following a hand grenade accident in Vietnam. Dave uses humor & emotion to minister to the pain in us all...
Released in 1978 by Ken Anderson Films One of the most widely seen youth films of the late 70's, this dramatic motion picture follows the life of Steve and Angie during their senior year of high school. They each try to live for Christ and reach out to others around them. But, as they deal with their own struggles to share the Lord, a fellow classmate makes things very difficult for them.
Watch the powerful hand of God at work as a canoe accident leaves a father of one of the flyers with the awesome choice of saving either his enemy or his only son...
Preview Trailer is Available     SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT
Tommy (McCrary) is a young man who has the voice of an angel, but he also has the record of an ex-con. His dreams of a steady job and a better life appear out of reach until Memaw (Hall), a spunky saint with a big heart, takes him under her wing. Soon, Memaw's faith starts to rub off...
 (DVD-ALL REGION)    (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
The Sparky Chronicles is a witty spoof of the popular spy/action genre that youth love. When a mysterious one-armed man kidnaps the family pet, three college-aged friends quickly form a crack search team to find their beloved dog. Utilizing the latest in high-tech gadgets and a computer-guided mobile headquarters (conspicuously disguised as a '68 Volkswagen minivan), each "case" finds the three heroes hunting down clues and rubbing elbows with a cast of zany characters...
Many kids can relate to 12-year-old Stephen: his peers mock him for his faith in Jesus. But then he dreams a wonderful dream---he meets his biblical counterpart, Stephen the Martyr, and other Christian heroes throughout history. When he awakens, he's empowered with an inner strength that'll inspire your children to live boldly for the Savior!...
  Released in 1976 by Ken Anderson Films When Trevor signed up for the 3 week wilderness journey with a group of other believers, he expected an enriching time in spiritual growth. What he found, in his judgmental opinion, was a group of misfits that shouldn't even be qualify as Christians. As the trials on the trails begin to unfold, each member of the group starts to see their own strengths...and weaknesses. Each, that is, except Trevor.
The first film from John Schmidt is a light comedy about a guy who does all the right things on Sunday but gives Christ the week off the other six days. Good message about not just going through the motions but actually living for Christ in all areas of your life. Comedy-Drama...
The sequel to Super Christian brings back the main two characters in a very dramatic and powerful film about the masks people often wear to hide their hurts.One of our favorite films about dealing with secrets sins and getting right with the Lord. One of the best Christian movies ever made and great for group showings...
A critically acclaimed BBC /Gateway Films/Vision Video Production set inside the crumbling walls of a dilapidated Victorian sanitarium, eight mysterious characters reveal their secret stories to the visiting camera. The eight are linked by one unifying and crucial event in their lives: each of them has had an encounter with on Jesus of Nazareth in some way---an experience that has left an indelible mark...
Taylor Mitchell desperately needs his scholarship to stay in school. Physics Professor, Dr. Heinlein, insists that Taylor abandon his "mythological religious approach" to creation and base his thinking on "fact and the scientific method." Is Professor Heinlein's claim true, that "faith is an obstacle, and to scientific thinking?...
Highly recommended for personal, parochial school, and church video collections, Three Days That Changed The World is a wonderfully produced, 25 minute, full color, dramatized presentation that will entertain, inform, and inspire viewers of all ages...
At the height of World War II, Singapore is invaded by victorious Japanese armed forces. A small group of retreating Allied soldiers, led by Lt. Col. Stuart McLean, Major Ian Campbell, Captain Ernest Gordon, and Lt. Jim Reardon, is captured and led to a prison camp deep within the jungles of Burma-Siam.
Upon arriving at the camp the POWs are forced by the Japanese to build a railroad through treacherous jungle wilderness. Escape is their first priority, but when their commanding officer, Colonel McLean, is ruthlessly killed by the Japanese Head Guard, the men are left to themselves without a leader.
Major Campbell, the Colonel's second in command, rises to the challenge and starts planning a suicidal takeover of the camp by the prisoners. His greatest obstacle is loss of morale caused by slave labor, starvation, disease and brutal beatings. Led by the example of British POW Dusty Miller, Ernest decides to start a college of liberal arts and a "church without walls" within the camp..
A true story of extra-ordinary love when death becomes imminent. Commitment beyond courage, provisions beyond a bank account...

Though a Christian, Martin feels God has abandoned him after his wife and son die in an tragic automobile accident. He is told an important visitor is coming to see him, whom he thinks is the Lord. But the restoration of his hope comes in a different form---one he never imagined...
Like the wind, the Spirit moves across a Kansas prairie in this powerful family drama starring Robert Mitchum as Walter, a landlocked farmer facing terminal illness. To Walter's son, who grieves his wife's death, God doesn't exist. But his disbelief is dramatically challenged when the reality of Walter's rugged faith reveals itself---literally...
Preview Trailer is Available     WAIT OF THE WORLD, THE
" . . . the best missions film since Peace Child,"---World Christian Magazine. Based on a true story, this award-winning video traces the incredible journeys of three Christian journalists assigned to different parts of the world...
 (VHS)    Preview Trailer!
Welcome Home is the incredible story of Tony, a young drug pusher who comes to Christ through the love and concern of a group of Christians. This powerful message of God's love and forgiveness also features the contemporary Christian music of Dave Boyer, Debby Boone and Andrae Crouch...
 (VHS)    (VHS-Spanish)
Your entire family will enjoy this heartwarming story of how an untamed pony saves Christopher's life---and ultimately brings a hurting family together...
Gregory J. Cooper and Leslie Rainey star in this award-winning parable of redemption and healing. With the city hospital packed with patients, two unlikely roommates find themselves sharing a space just large enough for two beds... and a window...
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Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
Christian Movies and Films, Videos and DVDs
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Faith & Family

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War Room - The
Power of Prayer

Do You Believe?
by the Makers of
God's Not Dead

The Identical
God's Call
If He is in your Dreams
nothing can stand

The Perfect Stranger
Dinner with Jesus...
Nikki Thought it
was a practical joke
but it wasn't !!

Heaven Is For Real
The Movie !
A Must See for the
Whole Family !

God's Not Dead
The Movie !
What do You Beleive?

Revelation Road
End Times Begin !
Part 1 & 2

The Mark - 666
The Ultimate Fight
for Good and Evil
Part 1 & 2

Taken By Grace
Aubduction, Escape
Grace-Worst Sinners

The Rally
A Change has Come
to the Mob !

True Events God's
Love is Everything!

Escape From Hell
You will Believe !
Motion Picture
& 13 Teachings

The Perfect Stranger
Dinner with Jesus...
Nikki Thought it
was a practical joke
but it wasn't !!

Nuclear Suitcase bombs
Hours to find them!

End Times Thriller
Book Has Been Opened !

The Encounter #1
Man at the Diner !

The Encounter #2
Paradise Lost !

20+ Additional Great Christian Movies